Attendance Sheet Template -- School & Employee

Attendance Sheet Template : An attendance sheet is an official document where the names of people who have participated in a certain event (meeting, seminar, etc…), are recorded in a proper manner that the information is useful to us and can be process to give results when it’s needed.

Attendance Sheet

School Attendance Sheet

Need of attendance sheet

The need of this attendance sheet or attendance list is to view the recorded data, information and to keep a record of your events so that you may know how many people have participated and how many didn’t, to compare with the invitations sent while preparing for the event. This attendance sheet will help you to see if your event was a success or not when you will compare with previous events held by you, and will obviously help you to improve when preparing for further events.

3. Benefits of attendance sheet?

The benefit of an attendance sheet is to keep a recorded data or information of an event, people present at the event and to compare those data with the prognostic so that you may know if your event was a success or not, and which will help in the future so that you can organize a better event which will be a success for you, the sponsors and the guests and others parties involved or interested in the event held by you.

The benefit of attendance sheet is that you have one list or sheet where all the names, dates attended, time, and others valuable information and data are recorded in a well-structured and defined manner which are registered and help you to reduce the number of lists/pages that you need to have, and you can access your information anywhere where you are and can process them if there is a need of it and always can update them(data or information) at any time and it can be done by anyone having the knowledge of the information or data even a party interested in the event.

4. How to use attendance sheet?

The use of attendance sheet depends first on which kind or type is that attendance sheet, why the attendance sheet is needed and who will process the concerned attendance sheet. The attendance sheet is use to know how many have participate and how many haven’t participated in the same event.
When creating an attendance sheet, you need to set the criteria you need to use so that it will be easy for you to process the attendance sheet at the time of processing. For example, you can use P for Present, A for Absent, U for Unavailable and S for Sick. So on your table or attendance list, you must definitely have the names of the people participating in the event so that you can mark them according to the criteria already defined and set. You need to have columns and rows to make your attendance list easy to manipulate by anyone who did not create it but been asked to work on it.